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We love to talk about animations and its impact. Feel free to fill the video brief in the website header and our team will get back to you with-in 2 business days for an appointment.

It allows for 3D model viewing on a product website page or through Augmented Reality. 3D model viewer allows users to interact with 3D model by zooming in and out and rotating. Moreover, user then customize the product before placing the order (through 3D Model Configurator).

To provide you with an accurate estimate we need the following information:

  • A brief description of your product or process you wish to animate (you can point us to your website, or attach photos)
  • A simple, bullet point script of what you would like to see happen in the animation or any reference video/convept
  • Do you have access to 3D CAD models of your product?
  • What is your preferred turn-around time?

With this information we will be able to get you an estimate very quickly. Or simply fill the video brief form in the website header and our team will get back to you. 

Of course! Still renderings are very popular, and a great alternative to product photography. We call it ‘virtual Product Shoot’. In many cases it is more cost effective to render your product as opposed to photographing it in a studio setting, and later removing blemishes and reflections in Photoshop. 

Explainer Videos – We got you covered in this category. Let it be an e-commerce services or mobile app, your audience always need some explainer videos to understand it better. Explainer videos can be mix-up of 2D and 3D animations.

Yes, the cost of licensed music for your animation is inclusive in the project, then free-resource is another option depending on your taste. However, if you need totally custom music then the additional cost will be added in the project.

  1. Animation is not a one-man job; a quality video requires services of expert from storyboarding artist to animation department and then post processing. Freelancers offers services and expertise in one domain only.
  2. Quality rendering needs specialized equipment and we have render farms whereas individuals’ freelancers have limited rendering capabilities.
  3. Organizational management and our QA department ensures the quality videos that individuals cannot offer with guaranteed best for money value.
  4. We also have a support team to cover the technical aspects for 3D viewer, 3D model Configurator and VR.

Yes, after getting the required information our creative team will seat down and will share you 2-3 ideas and refinements in your suggestions. But final video will be designed and developed as per your approval.

A big yes! It can save your costs as well. We accept any industry standard CAD software that is capable of exporting a STEP file of your part or product assembly. For example: SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, Blender to name a few!

Revisions are factored into the estimate and expected! There are multiple stages to an animation project with Brinysoft Animation Services:

Import & Idea stage: your 3D data is imported and we share some basic screenshots to make sure all components are in the file. If there are missing components we will re import new files or model them. Also, idea will be finalized at this stage with your consent.

Animation Roadmap stage: we put together the animation movements and timing as you would see on the finished product – but the image quality is very basic at this point. We can do multiple revisions at this stage until we get it right.

Final Render Approval: we send you still pictures of key parts of the animation so that you can see the life-like lighting, textures and materials as they will appear in the final animation. Again, we can make changes and adjust at this stage.

Final Animation Render: this is when our computers work hard and create the finished frames of animation. This can take up to several days! It is key that steps 2 and 3 are finalized before this final step, as small changes could be costly at this point (ie: ‘can you make that orange part yellow instead?’)

Final Delivery: we edit in any video titles, logos and other information before sending you the final product!

The animation is delivered in a mpeg4 file in HD resolution. We can also provide individual frames of video if the animation will be edited into a larger video project.

It depends on scope of work. Before starting the project, we will provide you the timeline and deliverables of the project.

We deliver only what you want. On each deliverable your feedback will be catered before proceeding onto next stage of the project.

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